I'm Nick Kolba, I've been building software for enterprise since 1998, digging deeply into web technologies, interoperability, and user experience. I am also the chair of FDC3 - an open source application interoperability standard backed by over 40 financial firms - which I led the creation of while at OpenFin.

At OpenFin, I served as CTO and CPO - working with an incredible group of people to grow the company from an early adopter stage to a platform used by many of the world’s largest banks, buy-side firms, and fintech vendors - to build, deploy, and run thousands of applications across the industry.

Prior to OpenFin, I was a technology director at Thomson Reuters, leading development of Eikon App Studio and working as a key advocate for web and open source technologies. My work included the introduction of Chromium and HTML5 as core components of Eikon's technology stack.

You can find my full CV here.